Monthly Archives: May 2014

Armored Warfare Shattered World Trailer – Will it shatter the tank FTP MMO World?

It’s an open field, every man for himself, kill or be killed.  Some are bigger, others are faster.  Everyone’s a little different but the objective is the same: line ‘em up and annihilate!  The trailer for Armored Warfare is out, but I’m not talking about the game itself.  I’m referring to the competition between all… Read More »

Caffeine on Kickstarter – Double Shot of Something More Please

The game is called Caffeine. If you’re thinking high-paced slaughterhouse shooter, you’re wrong. The game is a quiet, dark, slow-moving horror puzzle game with some amnesia mystery thrown in. On the other hand, if you’re thinking Starbucks and evil corporation exploiting the weak, you’re closer. The game takes place at the end of the 21st… Read More »

Glorious Leader! Video Game Trailer – Korea Unite Under Juche Side-Scroller

Here is why all South Koreans train and become better gamers.  The Glorious Leader! is training and he’s training hard.  He’s riding a unicorn and blowing up tanks with his pellet gun.  He’s got Dennis Rodman on his side. Moneyhorse Games’s new action adventure starring favorite monarchial dictator creates fear among all capitalist pigs and… Read More »

Godzilla: Strike Zone Gameplay Trailer – It’s scarier to hear him than see him

Best part about a horror flick is what you don’t see.  Imagination is stronger than any VFX or make-up or editing technique.  This goes for monster films, too, like everyone’s favorite, Godzilla.  But it’s difficult not to see Godzilla, of course.  He’s huge and aggressive and breathes blue flame that turns night to day.  Nope,… Read More »