Monthly Archives: April 2014

There Came an Echo Trailer – How to Keep Unwanted Roommates Away

There Came an Echo is a sci-fi squad-based RTS with voice-control, which means you will play alone because your roommates will think you’re weird shouting things like “Make It So” and “Shields Up!” They will label you, talk behind your back, exclude you from party invitations. I know this because when I was in grad… Read More »

The Evil Within Gameplay Trailer – Box ’em up!

There’s nothing more horrifying than a blood-covered, axe-wielding butcher with a box on his head named Boxman.  He’s the star of the gameplay trailer for The Evil Within, the new survival-horror by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) and Bethesda Softworks, and published by Tango Gameworks. Sebastian Castellanos is a detective.  He goes to a crime scene,… Read More »

Sev Zero Trailer – Fire TV it UP!

I’m loving Jeff Bezos right now. First, Amazon launches an industry game-changer in Fire TV, and then lands an immediate combo-jab with a kick-ass game trailer.  Amazon Game Studios’s Sev Zero looks like a good start to their quest to disrupt the console oligopoly.  It’s a third-person shooter/tower-defense Fire TV-exclusive about humanity’s last stand against… Read More »

Amazon’s Fire TV – Disruption Has Begun

Consoles are dead. Today, Amazon revealed its Fire TV, which opens the door for what gamers haven’t had with consoles past: freedom and affordability.  To be clear, it isn’t an exclusive gaming device.  It’s a home theater device that supports gaming.  PS4 and Xbox are very expensive gaming devices that also offer home theater. So,… Read More »