Freedom Wars Story Trailer – Tragedy of Commons is a Tragedy (even if you win)

By | April 29, 2014

It is “a future where resources has dried up”.  And so what do you do?  The only thing that makes sense: war.  You would think if there were no resources, everything would be thrown into the stone age, but not in the world of Freedom Wars, a new PS Vita RPG.  Here, technology is the key to survival.  How do they fuel the technology?  I don’t know but I’m guessing something organic because huge beasts battle each other with salvos of rockets and endless supply of machine gun fire.  And true to Japanese RPGs, all the characters have huge weapons.  Bigger the better.

As the title suggests, the trailer shows a war being waged for freedom.  An evil guy unleashes evil monsters and it’s up to the good guys (mostly kids with big eyes) to fight to be free.  So, of course, they’ll beat the bad guy and achieve their freedom, but in a dystopian world without resources, me thinks one can never be truly free.

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