Best Video Game City: Seoul, South Korea

By | April 27, 2014

The title is misleading.  To clarify, I’m not talking about Seoul as a great city for gamers, though with all the world-class gamers, events, and tech, it is one of the best.  The point of this blog is that Seoul is where more video games should take place.  And not just FIFA or Taekwondo games, but every type of game.  Here are a few that would be perfect in Seoul:

1) Survival/Zombie

The city is huge.  The megacity is hundreds of square miles and has 25 million people crammed in.  That’s a lot of zombies and a lot of square miles to survive in or escape from.

Lot of potential zombies...

Lot of potential zombies…

2) Shooters

Forget Red Dawn or Battlefield fantasy.  War in Seoul is real.  I’m driving down a highway, beautiful scenery of the rivers, high rise buildings, and farmhouses, and then boom, there’s a freaking tank in the middle of all that.  Barbed wired and fully-armed soldiers in guard posts along the highway and rivers, too.  I went hiking at a mountain and there are well-maintained bunkers and foxholes along the hiking trail.  War can happen anytime.  One minute you’re eating rice cakes on the street and a minute later, rockets and shells falling from the sky.  Perfect setting for a shooter.

Guard post and tank in Seoul near Han River.

Guard post and tank in Seoul near Han River.

3) RPG

Lots of places for mystery.  Open world games will thrive in the huge megacity and the surrounding wilderness.  The city has been around a long time.  It’s seen many kingdoms, dynasties, victories and tragedies go by.  There’s a lot of history to tap into.  Perfect place for the next Assassin’s Creed-esqe story.

Old and New

Old and New

4) Horror

Seoul’s got ghosts.  You’ve had several wars ravage it.  A Queen was raped and murdered there.  Mass killings.  There are many dead that walk the land, especially in a culture that places such high reverence and importance on ancestors.


5) Puzzle Games

Seoul is beautiful.  Good backdrop for puzzle games!

6) Beat ‘em Up/Fighting Games

Martial arts, Asian rivalries, organized crime, etc, etc.  Abundant in the center of East Asia.

7) Stealth

Sneak around as a North Korean spy gathering info for the Dear Leader.  Fight the urge to defect and become a K-pop star.

8) Simulation

Start at Baekje, then evolve into other dynasties, and see your Asian underdog grow into a powerhouse.


9) Music Games

Be the next JYP – start your idol group and watch the Won roll in.

10) Tower Defense

Or also, tunnel defense.  Drive down Seoul highways, and you’ll drive thru man-made tunnels.  Purpose of these tunnels?  If war erupts with North Korea, they blow up these tunnels to create road-blocks.  Along with towers, strategically place these tunnels around the city to stop the commie invaders.

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