Wargame Red Dragon Launch Trailer – A land, air…and sea war in Asia! Get Involved!

By | April 16, 2014

A full-scale war in Asia would be a complete disaster.  Give me the Admiral Akbar Award for stating the obvious (“It’s a Trap!”) because here’s the obvious result of total war in Asia: millions dead, more displaced, and billions affected as several generations face chaos, recession and a world without cool gadgets.  That’s why Wargame Red Dragon, launching April 17, is so awesome.  It’s as total war as an RTS can get.  Land, air, and sea.  Tanks, APCs, choppers, fighters, field artillery, and an Asian war isn’t an Asian war without masses of cannon fodder charging the enemy.  In addition, Red Dragon has ships.  Yes, ships!  With guns.  Big ones.  Firing at things in all directions.  The trailer shows it all.

I’m not sure how fun it will be to control a ship, but it looks cool unloading on enemy emplacements and shooting down fighters.  The game’s also got my personal favorite, the A-10 Warthog.  That thing’s slow and ugly but it’s mean.

The Focus Interactive game takes place in Asia during the last stretch of the Cold War.  Which means, a little bit of Mao and all of Kim Il Sung.  I would play this game just for the opportunity to take down Kim Il Sung.

On Steam for $39.99.

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