There Came an Echo Trailer – How to Keep Unwanted Roommates Away

By | April 12, 2014

There Came an Echo is a sci-fi squad-based RTS with voice-control, which means you will play alone because your roommates will think you’re weird shouting things like “Make It So” and “Shields Up!” They will label you, talk behind your back, exclude you from party invitations. I know this because when I was in grad school long long time ago, I had Rainbow Six 3 and woke up many roommates screaming Zulu, Zulu, Zulu in the middle of the night. Like the Tom Clancy game, you can control your men and women with your stick instead of voice, but why shell out $60 for a voice control game if you’re not going to voice control?

In addition to the default words, you can also program custom words, so the possibilities of colorful adjectives and verbs used to command your squad are endless. So instead of Picard-esqe, “Make It So”, you can say, “Make It $^%& So”. That will scare your roommates. They will check your closet for firearms. They will stay away, which might be a good thing. Speaking of Picard, Wil Wheaton lends his voice to the game. There are also other names famous in geekland.

The trailer shows a squad-based RTS that looks like other top-down-angled squad based games. Your squad is like so big and the enemy is like so big and they’re taking cover and shooting at each other and trying to flank each other. There’s one guy who’s limping because he’s presumably been shot and he’s hurting and he’ll die soon if he doesn’t get help. It’s a sad sad world, but it’s voice control, so command him to limp limp limp his way to safety!

The game would benefit from colorful characters like in Jagged Alliance. And disobedience. For instance, if I order Dynamo to charge a machine gun, I fully expect him to say, “You do it, S-O-B!”

The PS4/Xbox One game was funded on Kickstarter and will be out in 2015.

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