Inspire Me – Point, Click, Change the World!

By | April 5, 2014

It’s an inspiring time to be a gamer. Not only is there overall disruption in the industry, but inspirations like Inspire Me have a chance at reality thanks to crowd-funding. Blyts Studios’s new indie is a point-and-clicker coming soon to Kickstarter, and it looks like a good one.

The premise is simple but open to endless possibilities. It’s the future and there’s a time machine. Mix in a mischievous, curious kid and what happens? Give your iPhone to a three-year-old and see what he does with it. You’ll never find your favorite apps again. Likewise, Kelvin messes up history when he goofs around his father’s time machine. Newton and the apple? Doesn’t happen. Beethoven fails to compose Symphony No. 5 and no one’s talking about Mona Lisa’s smile. Kelvin then has to do his best Marty McFly and make things right in the past before he goes back to the future.


Each adventure requires Kelvin to solve a series of point-and-click puzzles. Click on a bucket of milk to refill a bottle, a door to open it, or a pie on a window sill to steal it…or try to. The trailer shows other fails: Kelvin gives a bucket of water to a man who splashes his lazy horse, but the horse still refuses to move. He also fishes in a fountain but finds nothing but junk. The trial and error is interesting though the game may get old fast if it results in pointing-and-clicking everything on the screen. The game may benefit from some interaction with other characters via point-and-click dialogue, which may already be part of the game though there were no examples of it in the trailer.

The game features some nice artwork with humorous details: a fat man takes several small bites to eat a drumstick. And interesting perspectives: at 1:01 of the trailer, we see a blurred wind vane in the foreground indicating we are observing the scene from just above the rooftops. Overall, the look is amusing and appropriate.


What other adventures lie ahead for Kelvin besides Newton, Beethoven and Da Vinci? That will depend on the funding. Personally, I would like to see some of the big game-changers in history like Alexander, Gutenberg, or even the guy who invented the wheel whoever that may have been. There are so many great possibilities and many opportunities to be inspired!


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