Sev Zero Trailer – Fire TV it UP!

By | April 3, 2014

I’m loving Jeff Bezos right now.

First, Amazon launches an industry game-changer in Fire TV, and then lands an immediate combo-jab with a kick-ass game trailer.  Amazon Game Studios’s Sev Zero looks like a good start to their quest to disrupt the console oligopoly.  It’s a third-person shooter/tower-defense Fire TV-exclusive about humanity’s last stand against an alien horde…or something like that.  The exclusive part makes me wince (freedom, not restriction!), and the graphics look like a mobile game, but the gameplay doesn’t seem like a complete dud.  It’s also not a freemium, though it is free (with purchase of the Fire Game Controller).

Sev Zero won’t replace Halo or TitanFall, and it might not even be a great game, but the launch is exciting because it’s a glimpse of the potential of Fire TV.  The Microsoft Titan will Fall.  Owning living rooms is now Sony’s Final Fantasy.

Now, only if I can get a hand on that controller.  I placed my order yesterday but won’t be in stock until end of April.

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