Amazon’s Fire TV – Disruption Has Begun

By | April 2, 2014

Consoles are dead.

Today, Amazon revealed its Fire TV, which opens the door for what gamers haven’t had with consoles past: freedom and affordability.  To be clear, it isn’t an exclusive gaming device.  It’s a home theater device that supports gaming.  PS4 and Xbox are very expensive gaming devices that also offer home theater.

So, which will win?

Consoles will be extinct in a few years.  Fire TV may not be the sole answer, but the field is open now.  Just like JVC isn’t the only VHS/DVD player maker, others will enter the field, which will lower the price and increase new developers to enter the market.  Tech will improve.  Software will improve.  Games on stream will get better because the basic truth is that gamers want to play games and the developers want to get it to them without a big brother middle man.  Fire TV isn’t fully there yet, and it won’t completely remove the middle-man, but disruption has begun.  The Wright Brothers made a crappy little plane but that ultimately led to a man on the moon.

So one would think the consoles would be going in the same direction instead of coming up with more expensive products and features people ultimately don’t want.  PS4 has even announced original programming, a terrible business decision that rivals other bad tech-biz decisions like restricting Betamax manufacturers, also by Sony.

It was a long wait, but finally someone understood that in America, the only things people really care about are freedom and money.  So far, Fire TV seems to offer both (at least compared to consoles).


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