Metrico Trailer – Need a couple shots of whiskey

By | March 18, 2014

Metrico is a game I don’t want to know much about until I play it.  I know it’s a game about infographics, which is solid marketing considering the large “niche” community.  It reacts to the environment: how you hold the PS Vita, how much light, and so on.  The trailer shows a ‘60s-trippy scene of a guy running with surreal images and stats popping up behind him. Like that psychedelic space warp scene in 2001 — pass the pipe, man. Reminds me of Dali or Picasso in the landscapes and weirdness.

So it looks cool, but how does it play?

The trailer doesn’t reveal much.  And I’ll resist spoiling the fun and researching it.  I hope that there are infographics created from my surroundings.  I’m standing at a bus stop in the cold.  It shows an infographic of cold days in the spot where I am standing.  More like an app than a game?  Okay, well, it then creates puzzles based on that infographic.  Or mazes of stats to navigate through.  Not for everyone, but Vita-worthy.

Looking forward to its release this Spring.

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