Panomovie – will this change video games forever?

By | March 11, 2014

From the nation that gave birth to everyone’s favorite monster (that’s Godzilla, not bitcoin) comes a revolutionary new technology that will…um…revolutionize video gaming.  Panomovie is “360 degrees panorama movie is a moving picture in which viewers can look around all directions.  It is an interactive multimedia contents controlled by mouse and other form of user interfaces.  Panomovie is appealing tool for promotion of entertainment and spaces.”  Get it?

Basically, it’s Google Streetview on steroids.  Check it out.


So how will it change gaming?  Remember Dragon’s Lair?  That game was a total game changer.  Well, maybe not quite, but it could have been.  And Panomovie will…maybe…drastically change episodic games.  Imagine The Walking Dead with real actors that you control and interact with and make into the un-walking dead with your shotgun.  And exploring a real deserted house or forest instead of an illustrated one.  As technology improves, all games may be filmed instead of drawn.

So thank you, Japan!

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