Abyss Odyssey Trailer – Fight, side-scroll, absorb a few souls

By | March 5, 2014

Zeno Clash was weird but delightful.  Made me an ACE Team fan even though their name isn’t the most creative.  They have a new game out, Abyss Odyssey.  Now, that’s a good name.  But the trailer doesn’t wow me.

It’s a side-scrolling, 2D fighting game.  Similar to Fightback, but better.  The levels are procedural, which is cool.  Enemies have advanced AI, but every developer says that about their game with enemy AI.

The best part is the ability to absorb the defeated enemy’s soul.  Sounds really cool!  But, actually, all that means is that you get to transform into that enemy.  Like Link in some of the Zelda games.  It’s new but not that new.  I was hoping for something more interesting.  Example: absorbing the enemy’s soul makes you stronger, like Highlander, but at a cost.  You become stronger in one area, but weaker in another.  Or you become less good if you take in the soul of a villain.  You can lift an entire house, but you also have a tendency to kill innocent civilians.  And so there’s a strategy involved in which soul to absorb and not to absorb.

There’s not much more about the game, but we know it’s published by Atlus, and will be on Steam, PS3 and Xbox 360.  No release date.

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