Pavilion Trailer – 4th Person is Real and Alive!

By | March 3, 2014

Sometimes it’s more fun to manipulate than to be.  I’ve taken numerous writing and literature courses, and I never knew there was a 4th person POV.  But it exists!  The proof is in Visiontrick’s puzzle game, Pavilion.  The new trailer shows 4th person in action, which seems to be lighting a lamp here and there influencing the movements of a guy up and down an Escher-esque tower of stairs and ladders.  It appears victory is achieved upon reaching the top where a bell is rung (literally).

It reminds me of a PC game, Majesty, a fantasy sim game.  In Majesty, the minions are not controlled, but motivated to do what you want them to do with cash and other rewards.  By definition, I suppose that game was 4th person.

And so is everyday life since we are constantly trying to manipulate and influence others.  The HR guy at the office will implement benefits and bonuses to spur the greedy employee toward profitability.  The start-ups will promise lucrative returns to bait and reel VCs.  Banks will lower interest rates and so on.  So, 4th person does exist after all, and in fact, it’s part of everyday life.  Can’t wait to play a game about everyday life!

Pavilion is out on PS4 and Vita later this year.

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