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Is Walmart’s Video Game Trade-in a Game Changer?

Last week Walmart joined the used video game business by offering gift cards for old games.  Since there are already several other major players in the biz, especially GameStop, it’s not exactly a game-changer although it’s a wiser move than Microsoft trying to strip gamers’ inalienable right to sell their own property. It’s great that… Read More »

Video Game Consoles are Terminally Ill – so let’s put them out of their misery

Disruption is as common in Silicon Valley as screenplays are in L.A.  You can’t walk into a coffee house without hearing how some new thing will change the landscape of some old thing.  In downtown Mountain View, there are hideously ugly bikes waiting to be rented with your credit card because apparently walking and driving… Read More »

Korea’s Video Game College: Ten Reasons Why It’s Great for the World!

Studying video gaming in college will make the world a better place.  Here’s how. Koreans are top-notch gamers, and soon it will be even more difficult to beat them.  Starting next year, Chung-Ang University will accept eSports applicants who will then be eligible to apply to the school’s Department of Sport Science, which is already… Read More »

Gauntlet 2014 Trailer – the game that brought gamers together returns

Gauntlet is another GenX classic brought back to life.  The trailer is out for Arrowhead Studios’s dungeon crawl, which is out on Steam this year, and it doesn’t look all that different from the original, which is a good thing.  Better graphics, of course, but the same four characters (Warrior, Wizard, Elf and my fave,… Read More »

Among the Sleep Gameplay Trailer – the Open World of a Child’s Mind, or an Attic of Cliches?

You’re a two-year-old in Among the Sleep, a new game by Krillbite Studios from Norway.  The new gameplay trailer is out ahead of the game’s release later in 2014 on Windows, OSX, and Linux.  It’s disappointing that the entirety of the 83-second trailer is spent in an attic.  The child wanders about touching things like… Read More »

Destiny Sharing Commercial – will it share some of my Titanfall time?

What is Destiny?  Better question is what isn’t Destiny?  It’s an RPG FPS MMO.  The developer, Bungie (of Halo fame) is calling it a “shared-world shooter.”  It’s also got speeder bikes like the ones from Return of the Jedi.  And character art that reminds me of Robotech, especially The New Generation, which also had a… Read More »