Monthly Archives: February 2014

How to Win the Video Game of Life

Oliver Emberton’s “Life is a Game” is amusing, but I haven’t decided if it’s anything more than that.  Perhaps it’s profound in some way, like a Gen X/Y/Millennial take on Shakespeare’s life is a stage….  I don’t know, and as is the implication, don’t allocate resources on things that don’t demand it. In any case,… Read More »

Dungeon Keeper Review – Amassing gold is the point, in-game and out

Electronic Arts’s mobile game, Dungeon Keeper, has been criticized…well, its been beaten up and dragged behind a horse…since its release late last year.  It’s not a great game – not in-line with the franchise – and the FTP is impossible to play for more than a minute or so without paying cash.  I’ve had the… Read More »

Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Trailer – Something rotten in the world of Tamriel?

An awesome game need not an awesome trailer.  Well-made products don’t require a huge up-front marketing push in order to drive pre-orders.  They’ll sell themselves.  I get suspicious when a game has an amazing trailer.  Does the game suck so bad they need players locked-in before the game releases because when it releases, no one… Read More »