Thief 101 Trailer – Sneak Around and Steal Things

By | February 4, 2014

The game about sneaking around and stealing things, called Thief, is out on February 25. Eidos Montreal developed it, Square Enix published it, and the 6-minute explain-all trailer is out.

If the game sounds like a blended mess of movies and other games we know well, the trailer doesn’t do anything to dispel that. The reluctant hero, the emotionally-scarred protagonist, lost memory, a jewel in a glass case, rooftop-walking, and so on. But the game looks sleek and there appears to be an open-world-ness about it as well as some creativity involved in accomplishing heists. Perhaps there weren’t enough pre-orders with only a few weeks to go, but the six-minute “101” trailer seems like the push that might change that.

Check it out here with the transcription below it. Also, watch it with the closed caption, which was written by someone who was obviously smoking something.


The city is dying. A sickness spreads throughout the streets. A ruthless baron rules with an iron fist, bent on achieving his twisted vision of progress at any cost. Yet as disease and suffering spread, so too does a fierce anger. This is a city on the brink of chaos with no savior to be found because the only one who can save, not being found is what he does best.

In Thief, the next game from the studio behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you are Garrett, the master thief. After losing your protege and your memory, you’ve returned to find yourself the most wanted man in the city, hunted by the brutal thief-taker general.

You’ll have to use all the talents of the master thief to find the truth before your enemies find you. In the world of Thief nothing is out of bounds and nothing is out of reach. Planning your heist carefully, choosing which path you take to reach your objectives. Steal anything you desire using any method you choose, and use your tools and every element of your environment to outwit or eliminate anyone who stands between you and your prize.

The shadows are your only ally. Use them to move through the city undetected. But take great care to remain hidden from the eyes of your enemies. Your bow can be used in a variety of ways using a number of different arrow types. It’s both a powerful weapon and a versatile tool. You can choose to kill or complete the entire game without taking a single life employing nonlethal arrow types and using your blackjack for silent stealthy nonlethal takedowns. Use the cover of night to explore the city streets at your own pace infiltrating the homes, businesses and lives of the local people. Greed is rampant and the clients who desire your services pay well. The extra coin can be exchanged for additional equipment, upgrades, supplies and new tools.

As you progress through the game, you’ll also unlock new abilities to aid you on your journey. Use the focus ability to reveal the valuable objects and hidden secrets that surround you, and to swiftly break into secure passages and strong boxes. The city conceals countless treasures and mysteries that have remained hidden for centuries waiting to be uncovered by those who know where and how to look. But remember, even with finely honed skills and all the right equipment, not every heist goes according to plan. Sometimes, you’ll have to improvise.

There are always multiple ways to execute the perfect heist so choose your approach wisely. Play as a predator, using your arsenal to strike fiercely from the shadows. Or play as a ghost using your skills to silently infiltrate. Steal everything you find and disappear into the night with no one realizing you were ever there. Use whatever means you must to get in, get out, and above all, evade capture.

Steal priceless objects and store the most valuable objects in your hideout high above the city streets. Just remember, deadly obstacles and challenges lie around every corner of the city as do your enemies whether they belong to the Baron’s Watch or, or something far more dangerous. Become Garrett. Become the shadows. Become the Master Thief.

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