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Get Even Trailer – Get Next Gen!

The new trailer for Get Even is out and the visuals are impressive – like a photo-real painting or a scene from a movie.  The game, about memories vs reality and so on, uses some fancy scanning technology to create the “realistic” world.  The trailer only shows the inside of a dark, gray and abandoned… Read More »

Franz Kafka Videogame – swinging at the absurd

Independent game development is about hits and misses, and once in a while, swinging at wild pitches.  A game about a turn-of-the-century German-language writer who wrote weird trip-out stuff is swinging at a wild pitch – a crazy, in-the-dirt, Nuke LaLoosh wild pitch.  The trailer for the Franz Kafka Videogame is out and though the… Read More »

Alien: Isolation Announcement Trailer – let the geek battles begin!

The Alien vs Aliens debate has ignited countless geek battles over the years.  It’s a topic as inflammatory in geekdom as “Who’s the best Doctor Who?”  On one hand, you have the survival thriller.  One Alien and a crew of terrified but healthy walking-incubators picked off one by one in the dark. Then there’s Aliens,… Read More »

Daylight Trailer: Don’t Look Back – Procedural Boring?

Everything about Zombie Studios’ Daylight screams cliché except that it’s procedurally-generated.  The PC/PS4 game takes place in an abandoned hospital where no-doubt some crazy hell happened years ago, probably had insanity within its walls like a mother who lost a child or suffered some other traumatic event. It’s also an amnesia story.  The protagonist (you)… Read More »

Best New-Old Video Games of 2014

2014 is the year of the horse, and the year that old games with makeovers could very well gallop ahead of the noobs.  Here are some of the product extensions coming this year. January Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition February Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Donkey… Read More »

Dark District Review – good old sci-fi western freemium

Some of the best sci-fi are essentially westerns.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Mad Max, and of course, the Riddick trilogy, are examples of sci-fi classics that, at its core, are wild-west gunslingers.  Dark District, Kabam’s new iOS free-to-play, is a sci-fi western. The planet, Tenebri, is a resource-rich mining town.  It has become completely lawless… Read More »