Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Smoke and Mirrors Trailer – Worth the Wait?

By | January 31, 2014

When I’m watching a hot new show, it’s torture waiting a week between episodes.  I can’t imagine waiting four months.  That’s about how long fans of TellTale’s Wolf Among Us will have waited for Episode #2, “Smoke and Mirrors”.  The trailer’s out and it still has no date, just “Coming Soon”.  That’s managing expectations, I guess, but it’s been four months already so set a date and stick with it.  The game looks pretty darn good, though.  The choose-your-own-adventure episodic has a murder mystery,  violence, games, and a strip club.  Good drama.  The only knock on TellTale is their look is very cookie-cutter.  Take the same art from Walking Dead, same tone, same characters basically, and sell season passes.  I hope they go on the edge and change things up for Game of Thrones, out later this year.

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