Dawn of the Plow – Plows are plenty, but Plowers few

By | January 30, 2014

I wake up every morning wanting to plow some snow.  Unfortunately, I live in California.  Fortunately, Dawn of the Plow is here to hit that fix.  Dan FitzGerald’s iOS, Android and Desktop game is $1.99 and it looks awesome – check out the trailer below.

And then ponder on the spirituality of snow-plowing.  It falls from the sky.  Softly, slowly.  It’s beautiful.  Marvelous.  But then it piles up.  It blocks your path.  It buries you.  It freezes you.  It kills you.  And so the Master says, “The snow must be plowed”.  And we must do as the Master says.  Plows are plenty, but the plowers few.  Who will drive that plow?  It is a sacrifice not all will make.  And we devote our existence to plowing that snow, which ultimately melts, and then it disappears, only to reappear, and so the cycle begins anew….

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