Video Games that will help you get a job

By | January 29, 2014

Games not only reduce stress, they can also help you find the perfect sushi chef for your restaurant.  There are start-ups now that produce games used in job applications such as Knack’s “Wasabi Waiter”.  Possible age or gender-related disparate impact claims notwithstanding, I think it’s a great idea to have performance in games predict job success.  But I don’t think you need to pay these startups for their games.  There are plenty of games already in existence that’ll help you ID that perfect hire.  Here are examples:

1) JOB: Human Resources

GAME: Knights of the Old Republic.  Every HR person needs the Jedi Mind Trick.

2) JOB: Pizza Delivery Guy

GAME: Grand Theft Auto.  Drive, deliver, and most importantly, get that MONEY!


GAME: Castlevania.  Crack that whip!



GAME: Tapper.  Keep the booze coming.

5) JOB: Politician

GAME: The Walking Dead

6) JOB: Lawyer

GAME: Dance Central

7) JOB: Dictator

GAME: Tropico

8) JOB: President of US

GAME: Frogger.  Don’t get hit!


9) JOB: Ted Cruz

GAME: Alien: Isolation

10) JOB: Anything in corporate America

GAME: Pac Man.  Run around in a maze, avoid the ghouls trying to destroy you, eat a lot of crappy little pellets, find that rare bonus pellet that’ll give you the boost to eat the ghouls chasing you before time runs out and they stab you in the back and dissolve you into nothing.  Do well in Pac Man and you’ll do well in the big game.


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