The Amazing Spider Man 2 Reveal Trailer – sometimes the villain is more awesome than the hero

By | January 23, 2014

Electro always fascinated me.  He wasn’t some alien or mutant or a multi-billionaire.  He was an ordinary working man who got electrocuted, and suddenly he’s spurting bolts of lightning like Zeus.  That PG&E guy outside your window…he could become Electro one day.  If I had studied electrical engineering, had a job climbing poles, and then in carelessness, shocked myself, I could be short-circuiting Manhattan and menacing Spider-Man.  Magneto recruited Electro.  He declined Magneto’s offer, but had he joined, they would have been one badass Electro-Magneto.



Kraven the Hunter is also interesting.  The Russian accent, the fur, the tights.  He could have been a WWE wrestler.  Electro and Kraven are the featured bad-boys in the new Spider-Man movie and game.  Check out the reveal trailer for the game, narrated by Kraven (transcription below):

“A killer still roams in the guts of this city and you let him walk away.  Have you done your best to stop him?  To bring this murderer to justice?  Your are gifted with wonderful powers, but still you are unable to track down the prey who matters most to you.  Allow me to help you.  I will make you what you are meant to be.  The ultimate hunter.  Never forget what you do defines who you are.  Let’s see if the hero or the menace will crawl from the dark.”

The Beenox/Activision game will feature an open-world Manhattan for Spidey to un-judiciously sling his web.  I dislike spider webs and finding them in the corner of my ceiling annoys me like nothing else.  I’d hate to go to my high-rise office and see a thick spider spew stuck to my window.  The game also has the “Hero or Menace” option, which basically means I’ll play the game twice, one good and one bad.  The Peter Parker side games gives you missions where you walk around, take pictures and be a boring nerd.  I would rather play side games as Electro, the blue collar utility worker turned Greek God!

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