Dark Souls 2 trailer – get ready to be CURSED!

By | January 15, 2014

The Dark Souls 2 trailer is out and when they say curse, they mean CURSE! The art folks at FromSoftware went autobahn on this one. There are some seriously jacked-up monsters here including a mummy-knight, a baby rancor, a queen alien, a horned demon similar to LOTR, a dragon, a behemoth, and some fiery blob thing with damned souls sticking out of it. Everything and anything you think of when you think curse are featured.

The annoying low-camera angle aside, the trailer shows some intense moments and cinematic cut-scenes. The audio could have been mixed better. Some of the narration is difficult to hear. Here are the transcription and titles:

Old woman:

“Perhaps you’ve seen it. Maybe in a dream. A murky forgotten land. A place where souls may mend your ailing mind. Long ago in a walled off land far to the north, a great king built a great kingdom. I believe they called it Drangleic.”


Bearer of the curse, seek misery. Till this frail hope shatters. Lest this land swallow you whole. As it has may others. The curse is a part of life itself.

Old woman:

“Your wings will burn in anguish time after time. All that is your fate. The fate of the cursed.”

I found the game play on the first Dark Souls to be often repetitive, but the sequel seems to have the intensity and variety I was hoping for in the first game. I can’t wait to get cursed!

It’s out on Xbox 360 and PS3 on March 14 and PC a bit later.

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