Get Even Trailer – Get Next Gen!

By | January 11, 2014

The new trailer for Get Even is out and the visuals are impressive – like a photo-real painting or a scene from a movie.  The game, about memories vs reality and so on, uses some fancy scanning technology to create the “realistic” world.  The trailer only shows the inside of a dark, gray and abandoned warehouse or school, so it’s not clear if the realism extends to the outdoors when it’s sunny and the birds are chirping.  As the game explores a Rashomon-like memory and POV theme, it also blends the single player vs multiplayer format.  Another player can join a solo-player’s game as an AI character.  Now, the ability to possess someone mid-game and control the way s/he interfaces with the single game player is definitely next gen, perhaps more so than the enhanced visuals.  Go next gen!

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