H-Hour World’s Elite Trailer – is it that game?

By | January 9, 2014

I need a good realistic tactical shooter. Seriously, I need it like I need a double-shot espresso with my bagel. As much as I love COD and Halo, there hasn’t been a game that’s filled the void after Ghost Recon got the “change-isn’t-always-better” makeover. Full Spectrum Warrior had potential but was a bust.  So was SOCOM.  I’m hoping H-Hour: World’s Elite will be that game. Based on the SOF Studios’s site, it is. Based on the pre-alpha trailer, I’m not sure. Check it out below.

It is pre-alpha, and the trailer does everything but Inception-implants to make sure we know what, but the hybrid first/third person shooter doesn’t look all that spectacular. But I will trust the developer here, and believe their marketing when they say “Reality is a theme of H-Hour”. Teamwork counts. Bullets kill. You don’t regenerate like The Wolverine. If you carry more, you’re slower. And so on. I love it!

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