Franz Kafka Videogame – swinging at the absurd

By | January 8, 2014

Independent game development is about hits and misses, and once in a while, swinging at wild pitches.  A game about a turn-of-the-century German-language writer who wrote weird trip-out stuff is swinging at a wild pitch – a crazy, in-the-dirt, Nuke LaLoosh wild pitch.  The trailer for the Franz Kafka Videogame is out and though the game itself doesn’t look super trippy, it does have an interesting look.

It reminds me of Monty Python animation, but less absurd, which is one of the themes the trailer promises the game will explore.  Mif2000’s previous game, Hamlet, got some great reviews.  So high expectations for Kafka!

I haven’t read Kafka since a GE class in college.  The only thing I remember about Metamorphosis is that a guy turns into a cockroach, everyone detests him and he eventually withers away and dies.  Well, come to think, Gregor Samsa’s experience sounds very similar to many companies in the video game industry, so perhaps this pitch isn’t all that wild after all.  But I hope the game is a success and mif2000 isn’t one of these Samsa developers, because hit or miss, they do some edgy stuff and would love to see them do the unexpected for years to come.


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