Daylight Trailer: Don’t Look Back – Procedural Boring?

By | January 6, 2014

Everything about Zombie Studios’ Daylight screams cliché except that it’s procedurally-generated.  The PC/PS4 game takes place in an abandoned hospital where no-doubt some crazy hell happened years ago, probably had insanity within its walls like a mother who lost a child or suffered some other traumatic event.

It’s also an amnesia story.  The protagonist (you) wake up without memory, and must use the light of a phone to try and escape.  There’s probably a twist like the protagonist is a reincarnation of a patient or something.

And, oh…ghosts pop out in the dark.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the new trailer out today.

If this is the premise of a movie, I’m not sure I would watch it.  Unless it was procedurally-generated.  If things changed every time I watched it, I’d check it out just for the novelty factor.  And that’s Daylight’s most intriguing draw.  It promises no two experiences are alike.  Places change.  Events change.  Everything changes every time.  This could be really awesome, or really lame.  After all, a boring cliché game is still a boring cliché game even if the door is on the left side rather than the right side.  Isn’t it?



The official site says it’s “best played alone in the dark”.  That statement alone is a red flag.  Why do the marketing folks have to tell me how and when to play it?  I remember playing Resident Evil mid-day with friends and it still scared us.  I might pee a little if a ghost jumps me, but if I’m sitting alone in the dark playing a dark game, I’ll probably whiz even if the cutest puppy in the world popped out.

Procedural games seem to be the cool thing so I’ll check it out, but the trailer doesn’t leave me praying for Daylight.


One thought on “Daylight Trailer: Don’t Look Back – Procedural Boring?

  1. Lith

    Found it to be really boring, just not enough going on.


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