Monthly Archives: January 2014

Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Smoke and Mirrors Trailer – Worth the Wait?

When I’m watching a hot new show, it’s torture waiting a week between episodes.  I can’t imagine waiting four months.  That’s about how long fans of TellTale’s Wolf Among Us will have waited for Episode #2, “Smoke and Mirrors”.  The trailer’s out and it still has no date, just “Coming Soon”.  That’s managing expectations, I… Read More »

Video Games that will help you get a job

Games not only reduce stress, they can also help you find the perfect sushi chef for your restaurant.  There are start-ups now that produce games used in job applications such as Knack’s “Wasabi Waiter”.  Possible age or gender-related disparate impact claims notwithstanding, I think it’s a great idea to have performance in games predict job… Read More »

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Reveal Trailer – sometimes the villain is more awesome than the hero

Electro always fascinated me.  He wasn’t some alien or mutant or a multi-billionaire.  He was an ordinary working man who got electrocuted, and suddenly he’s spurting bolts of lightning like Zeus.  That PG&E guy outside your window…he could become Electro one day.  If I had studied electrical engineering, had a job climbing poles, and then… Read More »

Open Panzer – Lodz-Warta River Walkthrough

The Wehrmacht’s campaign in Poland doesn’t get much war-game coverage, perhaps because it was a relatively easy blitzkrieg-in-the-park.  Well, the first battle of Open Panzer’s Fall Weiss campaign was anything but easy.  It took me several weeks, and several re-starts to finally achieve victory over the Poles in the 25-turn Lodz-Warta River scenario. The objective… Read More »