Monthly Archives: December 2013

No Man’s Sky – Procedural Addiction?

If there’s a place that will addict me to the point of no-return, it may be No Man’s Sky.  The teaser tells us everything is Procedural, that all is generated algorithmically, that there could be infinite number of worlds to explore, that there could be replayability like never seen before. The trailer mirrors evolution.  First underwater… Read More »

Heroes of Dragon Age Review – “Suicide Drink” for your tablet

Everything good has an identity.   It knows what it is and sticks with it.  Give me Italian or Japanese straight-up.  I don’t need Italian-Japanese fusion garbage.  If you’re Michael Jordan, you hit jumpers, not curveballs.  I’ll watch a drama or comedy, but not dramedy. As a kid, I made a “suicide” drink at McDonald’s.  Coke,… Read More »

Telltale Game of Thrones Video Game – Episodic Catch-22?

After three HBO seasons and five epic novels (with two forthcoming), there will finally be a video game that will try and capture the unpredictable, back-stabbing, character-driven craziness of Westeros.  Telltale Games’ announcement trailer doesn’t say much other than one exists and it’ll be out in 2014.  According to the YouTube blurb, there will be… Read More »

Don Bradman Cricket 14 Trailer – the Madden of Cricket Games?

When a rival bites the dust, it’s always good business to take its place.  So when Ashes Cricket 2013 smoldered after intense heat from fuming gamers, and was steamed-out of Steam last week, Big Ant Studios scrambled to release the trailer for Don Bradman Cricket 14.  The Bradman Foundation-licensed game has been in development for… Read More »

Total War: Rome 2 Caesar in Gaul Expansion – will Vercingetorix get his revenge?

The standalone DLC for Total War: Rome 2, Caesar in Gaul, is out December 12th for $14.99.  You can find all the details on the Total War forum, but basically, the expansion focuses on the Gaulish campaign as the title suggests.  It reminds me of Total War: Medieval Viking Invasion, which focused on the conquest… Read More »

Ancient Battle: Rome – Strike Hard 49 B.C. walkthrough

The Italia campaign of Ancient Battle: Rome turned out to be more of a challenge than expected considering The Hunted Cow’s other turn-based strategy war games (Civil War 1863, Tank Battle North Africa, Tank Battle 1944) had cake-walk demo campaigns.  Especially difficult was The Strike Hard 49 B.C. battle played as house Julii. The objective… Read More »