Tank Domination Review – sweat is your greatest enemy

By | December 26, 2013

Tank Domination is an iOS/Android MMO tank battle game.  While playing, I couldn’t help comparing it to World of Tanks, an MMO for PC.  In both games, you are placed into one of two teams, and the objective is to either completely annihilate your foe, or capture his “flag”, which in TD is squatting and surviving in an enemy zone for a few minutes.

tank domination

Also, similar to WOT, there’s a short training mission with an obnoxious drill sergeant.  There’s also the hangar where you choose the killing machine, upgrade it, and buy equipment and ammo before launching into battle.

Unlike the WW2 theme of WOT, the vehicles in Tank Domination are modern Russian, American or Chinese.  As a free to play, you start with the cheapies and then unlock other vehicles by buying them either with real money or your time.  If you play long enough and advance your level (capped at level 30), you’ll eventually unlock all vehicles.


I’m not high on the virtual joystick, but it seems to work okay in TD.  The action is slow enough and the targeting doesn’t require pinpoint accuracy.  It isn’t always easy to maneuver, however, and I often found myself “coupling” with an enemy tank.  That is, while dueling with an enemy tank at close range, I’d get stuck with him and we’d do-se-do until one of us managed to swing our gun on the other.  It’s something that wouldn’t happen with easier controls.  And if your hands get sweaty, that’s asking for an AP round where the sun don’t shine.


It’s also more difficult to hide than in WOT, which makes for a better gameplay as more teamwork and maneuver is required than just hiding and sniping.  The problem is that it’s difficult to communicate with your team on a tablet so it needs to be worked out with visual cues like swinging the turret or just proactively watching your mates’ flanks.  But in almost all the games I played, every tank did his own thing.

This is a fun game.  It’s easy and quick and it’s on your tablet.  Just have to make sure your hands stay dry.


3 thoughts on “Tank Domination Review – sweat is your greatest enemy

  1. Ricky FT

    I’m addicted playing TD because it’s awesome graphic and modern tanks

  2. Michael Gray

    The game has great graphics. You have your choice of over two dozen tanks. Heavy, medium, light or SPG(Artillery). Some tanks are unavailable until you have gained enough experience thereby gaining levels, and you must have enough credits for their purchase. You fight on four different battle zones, Korea, Arizona, Iraq, or Pripyat in 6 vs 6 matches or higher. Up to 8 vs 8. Those maps are divided into smaller boards for 5 vs 5 matches, down to 3 vs 3. You win by either capturing the enemy’s flag, or destroying all of the enemy tanks. I wouldn’t recommend playing it on anything other than newer gen iPads at this time. I rarely had connection issues or lag, but with this latest update, I sometimes get lagging in gameplay. Tanks jump and skip in combat, making it difficult to battle. This latest update was a HUGE download with few changes in the game. If you give this game a try, I’d recommend staying with the lower level tanks. Type 63, PT-76 or Chisel. Once you buy more advanced tanks than those, you start to face more tanks piloted by more advanced players that know the power ups and upgrades which allow them to see you without you being able to see them and SPGs can destroy your tank in one shot. Not any fun, and gets frustrating. You can get to a credit balance of 0 very fast. You use credits for everything in the game. Tanks, power ups, upgrades, shells, etc. GI refuses to reduce their power, while slowing, or changing the stats of other tanks. You can spend real money to buy credits or warbucks(the stats of warbuck equipment is slightly better), but I don’t recommend it at this time. Spending real money doesn’t guarantee success. And Tank Domination seems to WANT to force players to spend money. The lower level tanks are easy, and you can earn a sizable nest egg of credits, but once you gain more advanced tanks, the reward of credits are so low, you can barely afford to arm your tanks with shells, or repair the damage you received in battle. If you play and are being destroyed by unseen enemies, then use your credits and buy the active acoustic upgrade. Then you can see those tanks using the camouflage upgrade and are hiding. The controls are difficult, but become easy with practice. You can go to the ‘Training’ option above the ‘To Battle’ button to get use to the controls. You have a left joystick, used for your tanks direction, and a right joystick to direct your turret. By the way, you can sell any tanks you’re not using by going to your depot. Your tanks are listed on the bottom along with their resale value. If GI would increase battle rewards, you get credits based on the damage you caused to any enemy tanks in battle, and reduce the damage caused by artillery, and fix the connection issues then I would give this game 9 out of 10. At this time, 4.5 out of 10.

    1. Alex Park Post author

      Yeah, I actually enjoyed Tanktastic more than TD or even WoT. Michael, thanks for the awesome review. Please feel free to do more!


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