Titanfall: Official Atlas Titan trailer – nothing tongue in cheek about it

By | December 23, 2013

The Titanfall: Official Atlas Titan trailer feels like a clip from a Paul Verhoeven sci-fi flick.  It’s a fictional promo of a fictional company’s fictional product much like those from Robocop, Starship Troopers and Total Recall.  Without the tongue in cheek, of course.

Here’s the transcription:

Through the years, Hammond Robotics has always built the weapons you use to keep enemies at bay.  And Hammond Robotics will always develop the machines that are the cornerstones of any endeavor to keep our military safe.  As the leader in the industry, we only build the best.  That has been our legacy in every design.  We present the Atlas.  On the frontier, the Atlas has always performed when needed.  From the first conflict to the latest deployments, the Atlas stands the test of time.  As the workhorse of the IMC Titan fleet, it has survived every encounter and mission scenario, and continues to out-perform competing technologies on every battlefield.  At Hammond Robotics, we’re bringing the future home.

Respawn/EA’s Titanfall, available March 11 in North America on Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, is an online multiplayer-only game featuring mechs similar to Battletech.  In fact, Titanfall’s Atlas shares the name of a very popular Mech.


The Battletech Atlas was a heavy assault mech.  Tons of firepower and armor.  Titanfall’s Atlas seems more versatile.  The trailer shows one covering and firing from a building corner.  The Battletech Atlas wouldn’t do much covering.  Simply blast away, advance and hope it doesn’t overheat.

Battletech Atlas

Battletech Atlas

The trailer also shows a quick mounting method where the Titan grabs a sliding pilot and shoves him into the cockpit.  That’s not something I’d do if I was a pilot in real life.  Lots of bruises and broken bones.  It reminded me of Robotech where one of the Veritechs picks up a woman ever-so-gently.  It may show the robot’s dexterity, but I’m not a fan of that kind of high-tech.  I want these war machines to be high-tech, but still be war machines.  They’re not made to be gentle.  They’re made to kill and take names later.  They shouldn’t be able to knit a sweater.

I’m wondering if there will ever be a Robotech game that makes it to distribution.


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