Ryse: Son of Rome Colosseum Pack – play as Joaquin Phoenix?

By | December 19, 2013

Ryse: Some of Rome Colosseum DLC features two new gladiator skins and arenas.  The Centurion skin is a tough SOB veteran legionary.  With the Commodus skin, you fight as the son of Emperor Nero.  Unfortunately, it’s not Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus from Gladiator, which is unfortunate because it’d be cool to play as Joaquin Phoenix.

The new arenas are Henge and Ascension.  Henge is a forest temple and you have to kill barbarian heathens to maintain its sanctity.  Ascension is hell and you fight with mountains of fresh corpses and fire-bombs all around you.


The pack is $3.99 for the extra pretty, and as a bonus, you still get the same repetitive gameplay.


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