Dying Light Walkthrough – night falls, time to parkour!

By | December 18, 2013

Day good, night bad.  Or so according to the newly released Dying Light gameplay walkthrough.  Under daylight, the zombies are like my coworkers at the office – slow and boring.  But when the sun goes down, the party starts and they become active little suckers.  Reminds me of my bachelor days.

In the walkthrough, the dude’s gotta fix some electrical circuit to keep the supply lines flowing.  He starts by drop-kicking a zombie, electrocuting him and then some parkour action to avoid a mass of zombies in the street.  He throws some firecrackers around, rigs a car with explosives, blows it up, and then more parkour.  After some more parkour and running back and forth around town, night falls and he’s gotta start bashing heads to get to where he wants to be.  Some intense moments at night when the zombies get active and hyper aggressive.


The parkour reminds me of Mirror’s Edge.  The open zombie world reminds me of another Techland game, Dead Island.  But this game is about avoiding zombies and not all about melee.  Gotta use some street smarts.


Some of the action, like rigging booby traps, feels repetitive and could become a chore after a few.  The open world seems cool, but this particular mission appears to have a set parkour course you have to follow to complete it.  Beams that lead to the target point, adjacent rooftops, and so on.  Doesn’t seem random enough.

But overall, it’s fast-paced, and you have to do more than just bash undead head to get the job done.  And when the light dies, the dying really does rise.


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