Best Zombie Video Game Ever

By | December 17, 2013

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season Two is out and it should be a good one.  But fact is, it’s essentially the same story-line of an over-baked genre.  Survival, don’t be a zombie, get to point A, don’t be a zombie.

I would like to see a zombie game where you are the zombie.  The game begins inside the head of a zombie.  You smell live flesh.  You approach it.  You kill.  You eat brain.  A simple but satisfying existence because you are undead and you don’t know anything else.

But then, you come across a lab, and as you attack and feast upon the flesh of the scientists inside, you are injected with a serum, which makes you feel…strange.  It changes you, but not completely.  You start to think thoughts you hadn’t thought before.  You can plan.  You can make a few words.  You are still a zombie, but your brain has regained some of its life, and some of its memories.  You remember a beautiful woman.  Holding her.  Kissing her.  And a child.  Her smile.  You remember wrapped gifts under a tree and the child opening them.

Then you have a choice.  Seek the humans who developed the serum so that they can finish the job, and change you completely back to who you were before you got turned.  Or accept your zombiehood and become the zombie of zombies to conquer and eradicate the living from the planet.

That would be a killer zombie game.

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