No Man’s Sky – Procedural Addiction?

By | December 11, 2013

If there’s a place that will addict me to the point of no-return, it may be No Man’s Sky.  The teaser tells us everything is Procedural, that all is generated algorithmically, that there could be infinite number of worlds to explore, that there could be replayability like never seen before.

The trailer mirrors evolution.  First underwater teeming with life.  Then to land and onto a star-fighter.  Into the cockpit and the sky, through the clouds and to space and beyond.  And to show the challenges of exploration, we see a downed space cruiser, an asteroid storm and even a sandworm on a planet similar to Arrakis.

The challenge, of course, is creating worlds that are unique enough to keep surprising us.  Alien life forms – both intelligent and primitive, hostile and submissive.  Unknown resources that provide unexpected powers that entire planets will fight over and enslave over.  But part of the fun of exploring is not finding anything, and even if I spend hours on a planet that has nothing but dust and wind, I will still be satisfied as long as there are other stars in the sky.

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