Video Game Birds you gotta respect (sorry, no Angry Birds)

By | November 27, 2013

I respect the bird that will fill my tummy on Turkey Day.  Here are some other birds I respect:

1. Chocobo: They’re smart, fast, uses magic and will kick ass when you need them to.  Respect or be clawed.


2. Cuccos (Zelda “chickens”).  Hold onto their talons and fly short distances.  They also swim.  I used to attack them, but now I don’t because I respect.



3. Falco Lombardi.  Cocky, but he’s got your back.  Loyalty is respect.


4. Karateka Hawk.  Difficult to kill and loyal to its master.  Gotta kick it, not punch it like this video says.  Last hurdle before Akima and it’s a ferocious one – respect.



5. Ninja Gaiden birds.  As annoying as the dogs, but lack respect and you will swim with the fishes.

ninja gaiden_bird

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