Star Wars: Tiny Death Star – Look at the size of that tower

By | November 13, 2013

Disney buys LucasArts.  Disney partners with NimbleBit, launches Star Wars: Tiny Death Star.  NimbleBit Co-founders shop for not-so-tiny yachts.  That’s the way of the force.

The new trailer’s intro mirrors the beginning of Return of the Jedi (complete with clock-wipe) except it’s Vader, not Palpatine, who lands on the not-yet-complete Death Star.  Per the galactic Emperor, it is our mission to fund its completion by the power of retail.

The squishy bitizens from Tiny Tower return as our favorite Star Wars characters.  Their costumes are different, many are not human, but they all still have huge domes.  Vader looks more like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs than Vader.


The apartments are back, and a gym, bar and other familiars from Tiny Tower.  A new twist adds secret imperial levels including Interrogation and Force Field Generator floors.  I got to one-hundred floors on Tiny Tower, which I wonder will be enough to complete the Death Star before Lando blows it up.

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