Dead Rising 3 Story Trailer – UnDead UnStory

By | November 13, 2013

It’s 3 days after outbreak, and Nick Ramos, “a simple mechanic,” is trapped in a city full of zombies.  He wants to get out.  He runs into a few survivors, a motorcycle gang, and a gas station blows up.  To add a little more urgency, Ramos is bit by a zombie and he’s only got a few hours before he turns.  Wait a minute…haven’t I seen this before?  Aren’t all zombie movies like this?  Trapped, protect your brain, get the hell out.

Well, according to the Dead Rising 3 Story Trailer, that’s what goes down.  The game is out same day as Xbox One, November 22.  The YouTube blurb says Nick’s looking for a cure, but the trailer says the man just wants to split town.  Story trailers for games like these makes me wonder why they have story trailers for games like these.

The trailer isn’t completely devoid of cool stuff.  A lot of zombies getting whacked.  Volume matters and there’s a lot of undead to be burnt, chainsawed, shot, bludgeoned and splattered back to their graves.  Based on the trailer, there seems to be too much daylight and nights are clear and bright.  I prefer zombies lurking in haze or fog.  The fictional city in the game seems like a southern or western city, warm and sunny.  I’ve always preferred zombie or horror flicks in cold-weather towns – more uncomfortable and icky.


Overall, it looks like a normal game with a normal story.  Here’s a not-so-normal zombie idea that would make a story trailer really worthwhile.  YOU are the zombie.  Or half-zombie.  Anyway, you’ve still got a little bit of you in that zombie body but you still move and have the instincts of a zombie.  You either find a cure or eat brains rest of your undead existence.  There, make a game of that.

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