Thor: The Dark World is not so dark when you’re in love

By | November 8, 2013

A theater in China mistakenly used a fan-made poster to promote Thor: The Dark World.  Fans often make great movie posters, often better than what the big-bucks marketing folks spew out, but this one featured Thor and Loki getting it on.  Well, not exactly, but close.  Check it out, Thor’s got Loki in that lovin’ feeling.

A poor Chinese theater guy is out of a job now

A poor Chinese theater guy is out of a job now

What it was supposed to be....

What it was supposed to be….

I was shocked that the theater made this mistake, because we all know China is known for the quality and integrity of its products.  Remember those Thomas and Friends’ toys laced in lead?  Or toothpaste made from anti-freeze?  A friend of mine paid lots of money for a puppy from a Chinese pet dealer.  She got a baby bear instead.  True Story!

But the poster got me thinking.  When will mainstream games feature gay characters that are not there for comic relief?  There are LGBTs in Fallout, Jagged Alliance, Final Fantasy, GTA, et al, but they’re flamboyant, or implied, or clowns.  That’s the topic.  Discuss.  It’s Friday night.  I’m heading out!

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