Rambo The Video Game – make Murdock soil his pants…again!

By | November 6, 2013

Rambo was meant to be an FPS, and it’s finally arrived.  Or will be in early 2014.  The trailer’s out, though, and Rambo The Video Game looks awesome.

Nothing compares with our favorite Medal of Honor badass blasting troopers (and signage) with his signature M60.  The man’s so jacked there’s absolutely no recoil on that light machine gun.  The first movie, First Blood, based on a book, was more of a case study on PTSD before it was called PTSD.  But the game?  It’s a shooter.  Brains splatter and bodies explode.  In the movie, Rambo gives up after a heart-to-heart with Trautman.  The game?  I highly doubt it.  There are just way too many bullets to be fired.

Red headband, black curls...it's Rambo!

Red headband, black curls…it’s Rambo!

But there’s more!  You got Rambo 2 and Rambo 3, too.  That’s right!  Three movies in one game!  Yes, you get to kill Vietnamese, Soviets, Afghans, and best of all, you get to kill that a-hole Murdock (hopefully).

Rambo going Rambo

Rambo going Rambo

The trailer’s also got Rambo swimming, firing a .50 cal from a jeep, flying a helicopter, driving a tank, and crashing a helicopter into a tank.  I also hope the game has that scene where he’s hiding in mud, but we don’t know he’s there until he opens his eyes, and it’s holy crap, he’s in the mud, and he comes out and slashes a guy’s throat.  Then we wonder why he was hiding in mud – it’s a jungle, he could have just hid in…well, the jungle!

Rambo, master of stealth

Rambo, master of stealth

Rambo was a verb before Google: “Ran low on pellets and CO2 so I Rambo’ed to the enemy flag.”  The man was misunderstood, and he was definitely not John Kerry, but he had his bushido, and he was freakin’ awesome.  The movies are all killer and I just know this game will be killer, too.



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