Why are Koreans so good at video games?

By | November 2, 2013

Koreans dominate the world in two things: short track speed skating and Starcraft.  While reading an article about pro gamers’ dexterity, I came across this Losira/KangHo video:

So why are Koreans so good at gaming?  I’m not a pro gamer and I don’t play more than a few hours each day let alone 50 straight, but I am of Korean origin and visit Seoul time to time.  Don’t know how that qualifies me, but here are my theories, some of which may not be PC (no pun intended):

1)  Korean kids are expected to study A LOT.  I mean, like 8 in the morning to midnight.  How better to pretend to be studying than playing games?

2) Sports are hard to do in Korea (see #1).  So how do you release that adolescent energy?  Play games.

3) Koreans are very shy and quiet.  I see guys on Korean TV cover their mouths when laughing.  Many Korean guys have a hard time asking a girl out.  It’s a quiet, introverted culture.  Playing video games is an isolated activity.

4)  It’s hard for young Korean guys to get dates (see #1 and #3).  So their hands develop high dexterity.  And they play games to release energy.

5) Koreans have been whooped by a lot of different people over the centuries.  The Japanese, the Chinese, the Mongols.  So it’s now Korea’s time to put some whoop-ass…on the Zerg!

6) Korean winters are super cold and summers super hot.  Stay indoors and play games!

7) Short track speed skating takes money.  No money?  Play games.

8) Ramen is cheap in Korea.  The perfect gaming food.

9) Starcraft was developed by Blizzard.  Blizzard was founded by UCLA grads.  There are a lot of Koreans at UCLA.

10) Two words: North Korea.

Korea’s Video Game College: here’s why it’s great for the world.

And here’s what you have to do to beat them in video games…and other stuff.

14 thoughts on “Why are Koreans so good at video games?

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Short track cost??? Ramen???? that doesn’t matter. stupid assumption

  2. LEE

    Well, I’m south Korean. Let me evaluate your theories. One word: PERFECT

  3. Anonymous

    “So their hands develop high dexterity.”
    This was fuking hilarious lmao

  4. Anonymous

    Um im a korean middle school girl like korean boys like my age go to pc room like straight after school and like go to like institute and go home and play games again so like they have been like playing games for quite a long time like even in elementary school and if u go to highschool u dont really have time cause we have to study at 8am till 10pm in school so

  5. Anonymous

    As Korean, I can say this is ridiculous. I’m sure. There is no reasonable logic in this article.

  6. Anonymous

    Well…I get your point…but, really there is another reason for that. Korean students are living in very busy life. Go to school for 8hours and go to hakwon for like at least 5hours? That’s a pretty small number in Korea. You know what I mean? They’re freaking out of stress. As a korean student, I think that the real reason why Korean students are good at games is because they need a rest from those fxcking hakwons.

    1. Anonymous

      Then I guess there shouldn’t be so much time to play games if Koreans are that busy. Those students who spend entire time on studying – or the students you’re referring to – are just a few percent of Korean students. Koreans do live busy life, but those who are good at gaming are not likely to study so hard.

  7. Anonymous

    there is no place for play.
    no out door activities for korean students. what they can do for a day is just school and “hak won” which is private educational institute for all day.

    they get up at 6 and attend the class till 6 pm and goes to hak won till 11 pm and even longer.

    they just dont have time for play out. only thing that they can enjoy for rest time is game.

    thats why.

    i am not shitting you mate.

  8. Anonymous

    That was a very interesting theory 😀

    It’s kind of ironic because I am also Korean and a very good gamer. I just came back from a gaming break and wanted to just see why Koreans (and Me) are very good gamer’s. Never the less this was a very funny and logical theory…


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