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Why Xbox One will rule the world

XBOX1: Hello, Dave. Dave: Hello, Xbox. XBOX1: I like your new hair cut. Dave: Thanks, Xbox. XBOX1: What would you like to do today? Dave: Nothing, today.  I’m just going to read a book. XBOX1: A book?  What would you like to read? Dave: No worries.  I’ve got one right here. XBOX1: I can find… Read More »

Top Video Game Blogs

Here are some of the more interesting voices in video game blogging.  Check it out. Mattie Brice’s Alternate Ending: Independent voice of an independent gamer, designer, critic, writer and activist. Wolf’s Gaming Blog: The Wolf does the research so you don’t have to. Just Another Video Game Blog: Interesting takes on both retro and new.… Read More »

Xbox One, Playstation 4 and my Prejudice

Both Xbox One and Playstation Four are out and for me, it’s a no-brainer.  Xbox all the way.  Is it the exclusive titles, or the functionality, or the controller?  Nope.  Kinect, Xbox Live, Halo?  Nope.  Brand loyalty?  Nope.  Xbox, Xbox, Xbox.  Here’s my reason, and it’s one I’m ashamed to admit.  Playstation is Japanese. Last… Read More »

Ouya limited edition 16GB console — it’s white and…is that the line for Xbox One?

Last year’s Kickstarter darling, Ouya, is taking a stab at Black Friday with its limited 16GB console available now for preorder at $129.  It’s normally $100, 8GB, and black.  The limited edition console is white.  The question is, “Who cares?” How many people know what Ouya is anyway? Okay, we’ll start with the 63 thousand… Read More »

Uncharted PS4 Teaser – it’s not cool to be buried alive

Naughty Dog’s teaser-trailer for the fourth Uncharted game features a heavy revenge theme.  The 60 second video glides over a mograph eighteenth-century map of Madagascar with a narration by actor Todd Stashwick.   Here’s the transcription: “Some chains can never be broken.  I lost fifteen years buried alive, erased.  You left me rotting in that hellhole… Read More »