Ryse: Son of Rome – Revenge is yummy

By | October 19, 2013

There’s nothing better than a good revenge story, especially when the recipient of that cold-blooded vengeance is the most powerful empire on Earth.  In the story of Marius Titus of Ryse: Son of Rome, the victim is a highly-decorated warrior and the perpetrator is the corrupt imperial leadership.  I wondered if he becomes a slave, and then a gladiator, but luckily it doesn’t seem to follow Ridley Scott’s script.  Instead, it appears from the trailer, Marius sees his family dead and then goes straight to leading an army of loyal legionnaires.


The game is scheduled to launch on November 22, the same day as Xbox One.  Is there an underlying message that this Xbox One exclusive about power, glory and revenge is paired with the release of the new gen console?


The trailer, like most game trailers these days, plays more like an animated film than a game.  It introduces Marius and the revenge plot – his family is killed, he joins a legion and begins his quest for vengeance.  Story is filled with clichés, but there are lots of blood and epic battle scenes, which don’t really compare to Total War: Rome 2.  It looks great, though, but probably will be forgotten as more Xbox One titles hit the market.

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