Cabela’s African Adventure 2013 – Duck Hunt gone wild!

By | October 16, 2013

Trapping beetles and pouring hot wax on them is the most hunting I’ve ever done. I was ten years old and yes, I regret doing it, and yes, I have had beetle-related nightmares. These days, I can’t even hurt a squirrel and squirrels in Mountain View are vicious little suckers. So when a game like Cabela’s African Adventure comes along, my first reaction is, “Bambi!”

And perhaps the marketing folks who produced the trailer figured there were softies like me. There is no actual killing of animals in the trailer. Shots are fired, but none of God’s creation is hurt. In fact, the animals fight back. The hunter, who I will call Pierce because he kind of resembles Pierce Brosnan, looks like he’s about to get worked pretty bad. He’s nearly gored by an elephant, trampled by a herd of water buffalo, sliced open by a rhino, snacked on by a pack of hyenas, and slashed by an alpha lion…all in one trailer!

Run, Pierce, run!

Run, Pierce, run!

The animals look beautiful, though. And the African landscape is exquisite. I might buy this game just for the Hemingway experience.

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