How to make good citizens

By | October 9, 2013

Every time some lunatic goes crazy and shoots people, poor FPSs get blamed by someone who feels the need to blame something. And then there is a reaction to that blaming, and then there are bloggers who blog about someone who reacted. (I guess that would make me a blogger who blogs about a blogger who blogs….) Anyway, there’s this guy, and his friends, who got fed up with the obviously flawed statement made by a pretty reputable organization and so he sponsored a letter asking them to rethink their statement.

Well, the fallacy of the argument that video games creates monster is so obvious, it’s not even worth a response. If video games create monsters, then there would be no monsters before video games. Yes, it’s an extremely ridiculous statement, but let’s play with it. The most violent period in recent world history, the first half of the twentieth century, weren’t created by kids growing up playing COD and Halo.

The GI Generation, AKA the Greatest Generation, can very well be considered the Craziest-Sadistic-no-value-to-human-life-whatsoever Generation. World War 2 and all the wars and genocides and revolutions…. And you can’t rule out the Allied forces because of the fire bombings, A-bombs and everything else that winners don’t include in history books. My generation is the first gamer generation. We had games as kids and now as adults and parents and even grandparents. We also grew up with very violent movies. But studies show my generation is very tolerant, educated, socially active and just plain nicer than other generations.

How to make good people.

How to make good people.

But if it was true, and video games did create monsters, then could video games make good citizens? If you strapped a kid to a chair like Alex in Clockwork Orange and forced him to play nothing but some Veggie Tales game, will that kid become a saint? Or will Farmville turn someone into a good farmer? That would be kind of awesome actually. If there was a blogger game, I would play it to death in the hopes it’ll make me a kickass blogger.

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