Drop the X

By | October 1, 2013

Talking about my Generation X, the first generation of gamers. No idea why we are called GenXers. I’ve Googled and still confused. Growing up, I thought it had something to do with the X-files TV show – mysterious, creepy, or obsessed with alien probings and big foot, or probings with big feet. Then someone said we have no identity (X as in the math variable). Then I heard we were all slackers and grungy like Kirk Cobain who was the GenX Moses, but some smart people did some smart surveys and GenXers turned out to be the most educated, most tolerant and most socially pro-active, ever. I don’t know who these smart people are, probably GenXers.

Baby Boomers is a good name (can’t argue with the numbers). The GI Generation makes sense, too, because of World War Two. The Silent Generation? They kept their mouth shut, conformed and worked hard for their American Dream, which wasn’t really a dream but a stroke of genius by someone on Fannie Mae’s marketing team. My generation wouldn’t have listened, but the Silent Generation…well, they kept their mouth shut and got their Beaver Cleaver house in the suburbs.

And then there’s Gen Y and Gen Z. Lame, but logical, I suppose.

But why the hell are we called Generation X? It really makes no sense. I’m a nobody. I ain’t this dude who’s gotten a whole lotta Wikipedia love. But I say it’s not too late to take a stance here. Let’s define ourselves. There’s one thing we all have in common and it’s indisputable – we grew up with video games. So, let’s fill that variable. We are the Generation of Gamers, or simply, The Gamers.

Here’s the proof:

My son’s second word (after “mommy”) was “iPhone”. Certainly, many of us born in the ‘70s said “Pong” before “daddy”.

Our coming-of-age was realizing that pudgy Italian plumbers are NOT gymnastically nimble, normally.

We collectively had a crush on Princess Zelda, all 8-bits of her royal fineness.

We approached life with Ryu’s death-blow words, “All You Can!” (Later we found out he was actually saying some Japanese word but it didn’t matter.)

We first drove a car, kissed, accomplished something, etc, etc, on a video game….

We are who we are because of games. Our sweat, tears, carpal tunnel thumbs, and foregone lunch money…that’s what defines us, and that’s what my generation is about. Drop the X!

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