Monthly Archives: October 2013

How to raise the iGeneration

My three-year-old son learned to say, “iPhone,” before “daddy”.  He was swiping through apps and snapping photos before he could utter a coherent sentence.  When we’re not paying attention, he takes the iPad to the bedroom, locks the door and plays SpongeBob Dash or Angry Bird.  He thinks, and expects, all monitors and TVs to… Read More »

Batman: Arkham Origins trailer – Batman should not be Batman yet, but he is

Good ads market a product by hitting on its competitive edge.  And trailers, which go back centuries to minstrels atop their traveling theater wagons, are effective if they intrigue their audience. The new trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins fails to highlight the most intriguing aspect of the game.  That is, it doesn’t say much about… Read More »

RimWorld GrimWorld

A baby is born.  She plays barefoot in the dirt as her parents toil on the tobacco plantation.  She becomes a farmer like her parents, or goes to school, or joins the military.  She has kids of her own.  She grows older, and at the age of fifty, she suddenly dies from cancer.  Stories like… Read More »

Ryse: Son of Rome – Revenge is yummy

There’s nothing better than a good revenge story, especially when the recipient of that cold-blooded vengeance is the most powerful empire on Earth.  In the story of Marius Titus of Ryse: Son of Rome, the victim is a highly-decorated warrior and the perpetrator is the corrupt imperial leadership.  I wondered if he becomes a slave,… Read More »